12-Week Mind Body Spirit Integration Program 

This 12-Week program will transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Over 24x Coached healing sessions (40hrs) you will fast-track your personal development and spiritual growth using proven Clinical Hypnosis, Sound Therapy and advanced spiritual techniques. Learn to unlock your personal power and potential! 

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6-Week Mind Body Spirit Integration Program

This 6-Week program will release the blocks from your past and present allowing you to unlock your personal power and potential for present and future. Over 12 x Coached Sessions (18hrs) using Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning 

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6-Week Group HypnoTuning Program

Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm EST - September 14th - October 22nd, 2020 

This 12-Session group program will recalibrate and clear every energy centre and channel. 

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My name is Paul Charuk, I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and creator of the Mind Body Spirit Integration program and the HypnoTuning method. In my practice I help people make lasting changes in their lives by overcoming mental, emotional and energetic obstacles using a unique combination of clinical hypnosis, sound therapy and coaching. When we continuously experience stress, negative emotions and negative behaviours, the conditions for dis-harmony and dis-ease in our body, mind and spirit are created.  It's only when these issues are resolved and cleared that balance, coherence and our flow-state is re-established, welcoming back abundance, health and wellness into our lives.

WHY THESE Modalities?

I have personally experienced the power and effectiveness of these modalities in creating positive changes in my own life. I've used hypnosis to quit smoking, curb destructive drinking patterns, and to create confidence in myself and my abilities to pursue a life beyond working dead-end service jobs. Biofield Tuning released the energetic blocks that held me in states of anxiety, fear, depression, not being good enough for myself and others and I have been able let go of old, triggering anger that no longer served any purpose in my life.  Biofield Tuning also has incredible pain relief properties with on-the-body applications, as 20 year old pain in my left shoulder blade remains near zero to this day after one treatment.

The benefits of Clinical Hypnosis and the Biofield Tuning sound therapy method are innumerable and have been crucial in making profound and positive changes in my life and truly unlocking my potential.  When I began to understand that I was in control of my life and my own happiness - when it seemed like it would never be possible and the grass always felt greener on the other side - I gave myself permission to the do things I love doing again and I brought joy back into my life. Decisions became easier and opportunities flowed into my life seemingly without effort. I have no doubt these methods will make an impact in your life too. Change is possible. Releasing old wounds is possible. Breaking free of bad habits is possible. Letting go of the past is possible. Finding inner peace and harmony is possible. Believing in yourself is possible. Spiritual growth is possible.

These methods work in person and at a distance over Zoom!

While not an exhaustive list, Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning may help with:

relaxation | stress reduction | adrenal fatigue | wellness | creating confidence 

sleep improvement | study and memory improvement | clearing emotional and energetic blocks | habit changes | smoking cessation | releasing fears and apprehensions | spirituality | past life regression | life between lives


Making positive change in your life can feel like a daunting task. When you choose to make change it is important to support the process of change. The best angle of approach to supporting change is to begin bringing balance to the mind, the body and the spirit as a whole. To integrate the mind, body and spirit connection, we use a multi-modal approach of hypnosis and biofield tuning.


Hypnosis is a powerful and proven technique that allows for positive and direct suggestions for change to be put into the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is a facilitated state of concentrated relaxation, a state you enter many times per day naturally, and is a totally safe and effective of accessing the subconscious mind.  It is in this part of our minds where our behaviours, beliefs, fears, patterns and our programming reside. When accessed, we are able to address and change the mental and emotional programming that no longer serves you for our highest good.  Hypnosis protocols remove blocks, create relaxation and reduce stress, build confidence, and create powerful suggestions for change that unlock your potential and free you from the ties that bind.  The subconscious mind is also our connection to inspiration and our spirituality, and is the basis for regressive techniques to access early childhood, repressed memories and past lives. Using clinical hypnosis you can expect to experience:

relaxation | stress reduction | sleep improvement

 study and memory improvement | creating confidence | clearing negative emotions

resolving emotional and mental blocks | releasing fears and apprehensions

habit and behaviour changes | addressing addictions | smoking cessation  

spirituality | past life regression | life between lives regression


Biofield Tuning is a powerful and elegant sound therapy method that uses sound from tuning forks to rebalance the body’s energetic systems back into a coherent state of flow. The human biofield (ie. aura, electromagnetic field, energy field, etc.) is affected by stress and trauma, which in turn creates imbalances that can manifest as pain, negative thought processes, patterns of behaviour and feeling “stuck". These energetic imbalances are audibly detectable when using tuning forks in the biofield and taking on the tonal quality of the imbalance it is interacting with (ex. depression sounds dull and flat, while stress and alarm sound high-pitched and pulses rapidly). When the imbalance is resolved using the pure frequencies of tuning forks, old emotional patterns and behaviours release, returning balance and flow to the body energetic systems. You can expect to experience:

improved wellbeing | reduction in physical pain 

clearing emotional baggage | releasing energetic blockages 

attracting abundance and flow | clearing inter-generational trauma and patterns

improved expression and communication | clearer thoughts and inspiration

deeper connection to self and nature | improved heart connection with self and others

greater self-esteem and self-worth | increased overall energy and sense of security


HypnoTuning is a hybrid method of Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning offered in a group setting in person or remotely. HypnoTuning combines the effects of amplified group healing, the visualization and suggestive techniques of hypnosis, and the emotional and energetic clearing effects of vibrational sound therapy. This method is an effective and accessible way to recalibrate and align the mind-body and energy systems.  HypnoTuning is offered online in introductory, weekly drop-in, and structured program formats all as distance sessions over Zoom.  You can expect to experience:

deep relaxation | stress reduction | clearing of trapped emotional baggage

clearing of energy blockages | feeling lighter and centred | attracting flow

Unlock your potential with the power of hypnosis and sound through HypnoTuning!




This is the flagship program for complete transformation and total Mind Body Spirit Integration.  Over 24x Coached sessions you will smash through the physical, mental, emotional and energetic garbage holding you back in your life.  You will empower yourself towards the positive changes you've been seeking.  You will explore higher states of awareness and levels of consciousness than you thought were possible.  You will gain the confidence and empowerment you have always dreamed of to take back your life.  You will walk away having broken the chains holding you back and arming yourself with the tools



Stop the hamster wheel of mental noise and distractions and get to your core issues

Discover and clear limiting self-talk and beliefs embedded in the subconscious mind

Create personal excellence and rock solid confidence to forever fuel your empowerment

Customized Script for Personal Change - create solutions unique to you

Forgiveness - allow yourself to release the 

Releasing Ties and Binds - decouple your energy and emotions from others and habits 

Changing Parts - what parts of you are holding you back? Your inner rebel, drama queen?

Chakra Balancing and Release of Fears - access and align your energy body

Accessing Your Inner Guide - meet your true inner guide that helps you along the way

Healing Your Inner Child - 

Past Life Regression - gain wisdom across lifetimes for clarity and purpose here and now

Life Between Lives - Travel to the InterLife and explore your soul's journey across time

4hr NLP Breakthrough - clear old trauma and get to the 'IT' holding you back


Activation of the human energy body and biofield

Reestablish the pathways of energetic flow in the body and biofield

Process and release the energetic effects of past trauma and stress

Connect to the energy body to manifest change and transformation

Adrenal Rhythm Reset - reset your body's stress management system


Performing self-hypnosis and implementing any change you desire

Instantly access your subconscious for calmness and clarity

Grounding yourself through breathing and visualization

Learning to identify and clear your own trapped emotions

Your Human Design blueprint and knowing the strengths of your system


This program is the foundation for personal growth and spiritual development.  It's focus is to establish a path for change, clear old emotional baggage and align energetic pathways.


Cut through the mental noise and get to the core issues at the unconscious level

Discover and change limiting self-talk and belief systems in the subconscious mind

Create personal excellence and remove the blocks that unleash your limitless potential


Ground yourself through breathing and relaxation

Reestablish the pathways of energetic flow in the body and biofield

Process and release the energetic effects of past trauma and stress

Connect to the energy body to manifest change and transformation


This group program is the most accessible way to gain the benefits of Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning by combining the strengths of both into one method: HypnoTuning. Using the collective strength of group energy to heal and clear we will work systematically to clear all energy centres and their respective channels. 


Experience states of inner relaxation and stillness

Systematically clear, re-align and strengthen all energy centres and channels

Correct imbalances and generate optimal flow in the body and biofield

Discover and change stress triggers and patterns

Create resilience and effectively manage stress


PAUL CHARUK combines his love of nature, music and sport into an integrative model to health, wellness and healing. Holding a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University, Paul sees the interconnections and relationships between the human experience, nature and the universe, and he resonates deeply with the mind, body, spirit model. Paul also holds certifications in the following modalities:

Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, completing training through the University of Toronto's Clinical Hypnosis for Clients and Groups program.

Past Life Regressions and Life Between Life Regressions, training and certification under the guidance of Georgina Cannon.

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner in the Biofield Tuning sound therapy method. 


Through the power of hypnosis and sound, Paul dedicated to helping his clients heal and move on from their past, make the desired changes and achieve goals they seek, and ultimately achieve integration in mind, body and spirit.

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"I'll be the first to say that I'm not an overtly spiritual person or generally receptive to exploring spirituality. With that being said, I worked with Paul on a few occasions to get over this barrier, find calm and recenter myself. The Biofield Tuning sessions helped me to clear my mind and allow me to be present in a safe space."

- Martin C.


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