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Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Integration.

My name is Paul Charuk, I'm the founder of MBSI and I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Biofield Tuning Practitioner.  In my practice I help people make changes in their lives and overcome mental, emotional and energetic obstacles using clinical hypnosis and sound therapy.  When we continuously experience stress we create the conditions for dis-harmony and dis-ease in our body, mind and spirit.  It's only when these issues are resolved and cleared that balance, coherence and our flow-state is re-established, welcoming back abundance, health and wellness into our lives.

These methods work in person and at a distance over Zoom!

While not an exhaustive list, Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning may help with:

relaxation | stress reduction | adrenal fatigue | wellness | creating confidence | sleep improvement | study and memory improvement | clearing emotional and energetic blocks | habit changes | smoking cessation | releasing fears and apprehensions | spirituality | past life regression | life between lives

I have personally experienced for myself the power and effectiveness of these modalities in creating positive changes in my own life. I've used hypnosis to quit smoking, curb destructive drinking patterns, and to create confidence in myself and my abilities to pursue a life beyond working dead-end service jobs.  Similarly Biofield Tuning has released the energetic blocks in my life that have held me in those states of anxiety, depression, not being good enough and I have been able let go of the old, triggering anger that no longer served any purpose in my life.  Biofield Tuning also has incredible pain relief properties, 20 year old pain in my left shoulder blade after only one treatment remains near zero to this day.

The benefits of Clinical Hypnosis and the Biofield Tuning sound therapy method are innumerable and have been crucial in making profound and positive changes in my life and truly unlocking my potential.  When I began to understand that I was in control of my life and my own happiness, I gave myself permission to the do things I love doing again.  So I have no doubt these methods will make an impact in your life too!

I have developed the Integration Program, a 6 session combination of Biofield Tuning and Hypnosis, to kickstart you in the direction of unlocking your potential.  I guarantee you will begin to see a shift in your life and in the way you feel by the end of this program, if not before!

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Just relax… just breathe… as you begin your journey in unlocking your potential with the power of hypnosis and sound.


Making positive change in your life can feel like a daunting task. When you choose to make change it is important to support the process of change. The best angle of approach to supporting change is to begin bringing balance to the mind, the body and the spirit as a whole. To integrate the mind, body and spirit connection, we use a multi-modal approach of hypnosis and biofield tuning.


Hypnosis is a powerful technique that allows us to access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where our behaviours, limiting beliefs and fears reside. It is here we are able to address and change the mental and emotional programming that no longer serves us. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to remove blocks, reduce stress, build confidence, and create powerful suggestions to unlock your potential.


Biofield Tuning is a powerful and elegant technique used to rebalance the body’s electrical system using sound. The human biofield (the electromagnetic field surrounding the body) is affected by stress and trauma creating energetic imbalances that can manifest as pain, negative thought processes or feeling “stuck". These imbalances are audibly detectable using tuning forks, and once reintegrated back into the body’s electrical system, energetic balance and flow return. 


HypnoTuning combines the deep relaxation and visualization techniques of hypnosis with the energetic and clearing properties of Biofield Tuning. This technique can be used one-on one or in group sessions and can be performed in person or remotely.

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$100 | Session OR $275 | 3 Sessions​



  • Cut through the mental noise and get to the core issues at the unconscious level

  • Discover and change limiting self-talk and belief systems in the subconscious mind

  • Create personal excellence and remove the blocks that unleash your limitless potential


  • Reestablish the pathways of energetic flow in the body and biofield

  • Process and release the energetic effects of past trauma and stress

  • Connect to the energy body to manifest change and transformation



  • Experience states of inner relaxation and stillness

  • Discover and change stress triggers and patterns

  • Create resilience and effectively manage stress


  • Experience spa-like relaxation through sonic massage

  • Ground yourself through breathing and visualization

  • Reset the rhythm of the adrenal glands system


$20 | Session


PAUL CHARUK combines his love of nature, music and sport into Mind+Body+Spirit Integration.


Having pursued a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York University, it became clear that the mind and spirit are deeply interconnected to the human and non-human physical environments.  Resonating deeply with the mind, body, spirit model led him to study the Clinical Hypnosis program at the University of Toronto and he is currently a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Additionally, Paul studied under Georgina Cannon and is certified in performing Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives Regressions. Paul resonated with Eileen McKusick’s body of work, combining sound healing with the electric body, which led him to become a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. 


Through the power of hypnosis and sound, Paul helps his clients heal and move on from their past, make desired changes and achieve goals, and ultimately find balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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"I'll be the first to say that I'm not an overtly spiritual person or generally receptive to exploring spirituality. With that being said, I worked with Paul on a few occasions to get over this barrier, find calm and recenter myself. The Biofield Tuning sessions helped me to clear my mind and allow me to be present in a safe space."

- Martin C.


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