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Coached Healing Programs

Do you expect your car to work properly if you always redline the engine, emptied the tank, never changed the oil, no maintenance or repair? No.
Then why should we expect our bodies to work that way?


Tune Up

This twice weekly session is a great introduction to Mind+Body+Spirit work and is a great maintenance program for those who have completed other Mind+Body+Spirit programs and events.

This virtual group session alternates between guided meditations and sound therapy. Intuition and group intention guides the area(s) of focus for the session. This time is for you to unplug and disconnect from the 24/7 hustle of the world and experience the physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing benefits of two powerful modalities.


Requirements: Watch Intro to Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning

Current class schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays, 7-8pm EST.

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This is the flagship 12 session, one-on-one coached healing program customized to your individual need. A spiritually grounded approach to healing, this program uses multiple modalities to get to the "IT" you are seeking to change and the "IT" you are seeking to achieve. As the name would suggest, integrating the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies to restore balance is at the core of this program. Clinical Hypnosis and NLP techniques are powerful tools for mental and emotional change. Biofield Tuning is an incredibly elegant and effective tool for energetic healing and alignment. Muscle testing protocols provide a method for mind, body, spirit analysis to trace the roots of physical imbalances in the body.

This program is set-up to be delivered twice per week for 6 weeks, virtually or in-person.

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Dive deep into the interrelations and connections of physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. This12-week, 24 healing sessions is where science and spirituality converge. Discover how quantum phenomena is linked to your spiritual anatomy, electric health and consciousness. Unlock entirely new perspectives and meanings of the human body and the symbolic significance of dis-ease.

2022 Courses

4hr Breakthrough

This single 4 hour session is a powerful NLP protocol developed by Dr. Yvonne Oswald to help those with histories of anxiety/depression, PTSD, abuse and trauma.

Why Breakthrough

Learn Deep Relaxation

Access Your Unconscious Programming

Change Limiting Beliefs

Proven Clinical Hypnosis & NLP

Flexible Sessions

Create Personal Excellence

Reset the Body's Natural Rhythms

Personalized Program

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