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 Your Consultation 

is Confirmed!

Here's a few things you need to know before your consultation with Paul...

Meeting details and Zoom link for your consultation are found in your confirmation email. Add to your calendar for easy access!

Consultation Preparation

 - Find a comfortable and quiet space

 - Be seated in a chair with a back and headrest 

 - Be visible for the camera

 - Have some questions ready


What to Expect

First we'll find out why you're here - what's going on that requires change and why now? Then you'll find out what services are available that can help you and how. Finally you'll receive a short demonstration which includes an activation and reading. 

Rescheduling and Canceling Sessions

Please allow 24hrs notice when changing or canceling your scheduled consultation. Use the reschedule/cancel feature found in the calendar event or confirmation email.

My Vision

I am committed to helping every single client that is ready and willing: to help themselves, to make the commitment to change, and to taking control of their life. I am overjoyed when I see people talking back their power and control of their own life!

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