HypnoTuning is a hybrid method of Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning offered in a group setting. HypnoTuning combines the effects of amplified group healing, the visualization and suggestive techniques of hypnosis, and the emotional and energetic clearing effects of vibrational sound therapy. This method is an effective and accessible way to recalibrate and align the mind-body and energy systems.  HypnoTuning is offered online in introductory, weekly drop-in, and structured program formats all as distance sessions over Zoom.  You can expect to experience:

deep relaxation | stress reduction | clearing of trapped emotional baggage |

clearing of energy blockages | feeling lighter and centred | feeling more in flow

Unlock your potential with the power of hypnosis and sound through HypnoTuning!

Intro to HypnoTuning

This introductory session will provide you with an interactive 30 minute overview of Clinical Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning theory, followed by 30 minutes of HypnoTuning and post-session debrief.  We will activate the terminals of the body battery and recalibrate the human energy field after entering into a light trance state.  This allows for easy visualization and shifting of the energy field into a higher vibrational state.  Intro to HypnoTuning is the basis for all drop-in and program work.


 This session is offered on Wednesdays at 8pm EST.  Reserve your spot now!


This HypnoTuning session is specific to the group hologram of attending participants.  We will proceed with the induction into trance and opening tuning sequence, then query the group energy field to determine the best angle of approach to work.  This allows the use structured protocols in an organic way to adjust to the energetic needs of the group.

This session is offered multiple times weekly.  View the schedule and reserve your spot now!

HypnoTuning Program (12 Sessions)

The HypnoTuning Program systematically clears and recalibrates the energy centres and energy system of the human body over a period of 6 weeks.  Through 12 structured sessions this program will leave you with a renewed sense of energy and clarity of self as we will:


  • Recalibrate the human energy field and body battery

  • Clear front and back channels of each chakra centre

  • Tune, clear and recalibrate each chakra centre from feet to crown

You can expect to feel significant changes in your overall energy, attitude, as well as differences in responding to the world around you.

This program is offered in 6 week intervals.  View the schedule and book your consultation now!

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