Thank You for reserving your spot in Intro to HypnoTuning!

Please read the following instructions regarding your Group HypnoTuning Session:

1 - Your Zoom session link will be contained within your confirmation email

Ensure you have the Zoom app installed and working prior to the Session.


 2 - Ensure you are in a quiet and undisturbed place for the duration of the session  

You may sit upright a chair or lay down, whichever will be more comfortable for you.

3 - Arrive a few minutes before the start time

You might not be admitted after the session begins.

4 - If you need to go to the bathroom during the session, please do so!

Detox symptoms are very common in this process, so therefore bathroom breaks.

Your energy field will continued to be worked on while you have stepped away.


5 - Follow the Biofield Tuning Aftercare Instructions

Take an Epsom Salt bath/foot soak/scrub following the session or later that evening.

Biofield Tuning Aftercare Instructions

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