Thank You for booking with Mind+Body+Spirit Integration

Please read the following instructions carefully regarding your Intake Session:


1 - Complete the appropriate Intake Form in full and submit to prior to your scheduled Intake Session  

The session cannot proceed with incomplete and/or unsigned forms.

Biofield Tuning Intake Form

Hypnosis Intake Form

Integration Program Intake Form


2 - Your Zoom session link will be contained within your confirmation email

Ensure you have the Zoom app installed and working prior to your Intake Session.


 3 - Ensure you are in a quiet and undisturbed place for the duration of the session

It is important to be clearly visible during a hypnosis session and it is recommended you sit upright in a chair with hands on your knees or lap.  For Biofield Tuning sessions you may sit upright or lay down, whichever will be more comfortable for you.

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