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Self-Hypnosis is a technique that allows you to facilitate your own mental state of relaxed awareness. Achieving this mental state is the starting point for managing the stress, anxiety and overwhelm in your life.

Self-Hypnosis is a proven, natural and completely safe method for achieving full body relaxation, concentration, motivation and mindset change.

You cannot get stuck in self-hypnosis.

You are aware and in control at all times.

You can exit your own self-hypnosis at any time during the recording.

Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis is designed to help you achieve the state of awareness required for stress and anxiety relief - HOWEVER - just passively listening to a recording isn't enough for you to achieve the necessary full body relaxation and state of relaxed awareness.

That's why I've made the Guide to Effective Self-Hypnosis. In 5 easy steps you will learn to: Prepare, Position, Breathe, Be, and Notice in order to make ANY self-hypnosis or guided mediation recording more effective. Together, the Guide and Stress Relief recording will allow you to easily and efficiently access the self-hypnosis state.

When to Use the Recording

& Guide

Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis and the Guide to Effective Self-Hypnosis is most effective when used daily. It is best to plan ahead, however, when you find yourself feeling frazzled, stressed or needing to re-centre you can used these tools:

To Easily & Effortlessly Relax the Body

To Calm & Quiet the Mind

In the Morning; Start the Day Off Calm & Focused

On Break or at Lunch; Re-centre & Focus the Mind Mid-Day

In the Evening; Reduce Stress Before Sleeping

Use as a Stepping-Stone to Meditation (Stay in Self-Hypnosis at End of Recording)

Use the Guide to Effective Self-Hypnosis with other self-hypnosis recordings for anxiety, stress and overwhelm for added variation (MBSI does not guarantee quality of other Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis recordings).

Focus on changing one issue at a time - ex. Do not try to reduce anxiety, quit smoking, lose weight, improve sleep and gain confidence with self-hypnosis simultaneously. Choose one at a time.

Using the Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis Recording and the Guide to Effective Self-Hypnosis will allow you to achieve deep relaxation, as well as remain mentally clearer, emotionally calmer and stress-free longer with daily us.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have access to a powerful tool and strategy that will assist with relieving the stress, anxiety and overwhelm in your life - TODAY!*



Here are the 5 Steps for achieve effective Self-Hypnosis. Read before using Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis recording.


Find a location free of interruptions and distractions.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode.

Loosen constricting clothing (jewellery, ties, belts, top button, etc).

Speakers are best for listening (headphones work too).

Be free of intoxicants and hangovers (alcohol, cannabis, etc.).

Plan ahead when you will do your Self-Hypnosis.


Sitting upright in a chair with a back and head rest is best (lying down works too).

Hands on top of your legs or the arms of the chair (or beside you, when lying down).

Feet flat on the floor, uncross the arms and legs.

Sitting for a moment, are you comfortable?

Body is relaxed and in a sustainable position.


Take 5 deep belly breaths.

In the nose, Out the mouth.

Inhale - Push your stomach out, filling belly with air over 3-4 seconds, pause.

Exhale - Contract your stomach, pushing out all air over 3-4 seconds, pause.

With every exhale let the tension in your body release.

Drop the shoulders a little more, sink a little deeper.

4. BE

Start the Recording.

Close your eyes.

You have nowhere to be but here, right now.

You have set aside this time for you.

Just sit back and relax.

Allow the journey to unfold.


After the recording has finished,

Open your eyes, be still for a moment.

Notice any sensations in your body.

Notice any emotions you are feeling.

Notice any thoughts occupying your mind.

Notice your overall energy or vibe.

Write down your observations.

Notice change.


Self-Hypnosis, like playing an instrument, takes practice. As you practice you will learn to go into deeper states of relaxed awareness more easily, effortlessly and faster with every use.

The preparation is as important as listening to the recording – remove yourself from distractions – eventually you will be able to do self-hypnosis in the middle of a busy train station or office lobby. Seriously!

While sitting upright in a chair with a headrest generally works best, if you find you feel fidgety and move around a lot, try lying down on your back in Corpse Pose (arms alongside the body with palms facing up and feet apart). Do whatever

position you feel most comfortable holding. Work your way up to sitting.

If your mind is calm and aware, your body is relaxed and still, but you don’t feel like or think that you’re in Self-Hypnosis – you ARE in self-hypnosis! There are many depths to self-hypnosis, you don’t have to go deep for it to be effective.



Watch the Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis recording or download the audio file.

*Desktop Download Only

Why Stress Relief?

Every person experiences stress in their life, it's a fact. From birth to death, stress is a factor we all experience. However, the degree and persistence of stress is a determining factor in many quality of life and health factors.

What Does Stress Do?

Affects Cortisol & Hormonal Weight Loss/Gain

Stress Kills - Blood Pressure, Heart Attack

Destroys Mental Health - Anxiety/Depression, Mental Illness, Suicide

Vampires Energy - Brain Fog, Exhaustion & Fatigue

Disrupts Hormones - Weight Gain/Loss, Adrenals

Self-hypnosis is an incredible tool for achieving relaxation and implementing personal change. The subconscious mind holds all of our patterns, habits and beliefs - our programming. Self-hypnosis works by first bringing you into a state of relaxed awareness, which then allows the subconscious programming to be rewritten.

*Please note that Stress Relief with Self-Hypnosis and the Guide to Effective Self-Hypnosis is a self-help tool for assisting in relieving feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It is not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool or as a replacement for medical treatment. If you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks or ongoing emotional distress please speak to your Doctor. If you are experiencing extreme emotional distress or suicidal tendencies please dial your local emergency number immediately.

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