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Take your knowledge and healing to a new level with this 12 week course!

You are much more than a body.

You are a complex of physical, mental, emotional and energetics.  


Mind Body Spirit Breakthrough! is a 6-week program consisting of 12x 90 minute One-on-One sessions with Paul. These personally customized sessions establish a pathway for change and lay the foundation for personal growth and development. Using the power of consciousness and sound, clear out old baggage and align the body’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic states for maximum potential and limitless results in your life!


Advanced Mind Body Spirit Breakthrough! is an additional 6-week program to smash through everything holding you back and take you to higher states of awareness and levels of consciousness than you thought were possible. Using advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Sound Therapy techniques, gain the deep insights, wisdom and healing necessary to take charge of your life.


Break through the layers and years of garbage that no longer serves you. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to maintain your newfound state of being.

Why Breakthrough

Learn Deep Relaxation

Access Your Unconscious Programming

Change Limiting Beliefs

Proven Clinical Hypnosis & NLP

Flexible Sessions

Create Personal Excellence

Reset the Body's Natural Rhythms

Personalized Program

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